General treatment concept

Oxygen & Ozone therapy

These two treatments have similar principle. The first one is to add a higher content of oxygen into the blood so called Hematogenous Oxygen Therapy (HOT), while the second one adds ozone. The procedure is to draw some amount of patient’s blood (around 80-100 ml.) into a closed sterile vessel, then mix it up with oxygen or ozone under the ultra-violet ray and re-infuse into the body.  Such amount of red blood cells will be signaled by the UV turning itself to have higher capacity for oxygen.  The trained red blood cells after being re-infusion into the body, will signal the other red cell in the whole body via the UV light captured to have higher oxygen capability.

It has been proved that ozone or higher level of oxygen enhance cell respiration. Further more, through catalytic action, the ozone and extra-oxygen will develop various substances which restrain tumor growth. It also eliminates hypoxic pain and side effect of chemo and radio therapy.

Clinical application

These procedures are used for:

- Functional blood circulation anomalies
- Diabetic wound healing
- Adjuvant tumor therapy

Airnergy therapy

Airnergy is a new form of inhalation therapy. The Airnergy device energizes the electrons in the most outer shell of oxygen in the normal air. So that when such oxygen molecule enter the body cell it will release such extra energy into it.  Many diseases will be eliminated because of poor oxygen utilization will be corrected. Free radicals formation in the body tissue decreased. The activated oxygen is inhaled through a nasal tube and the patient feels no discomfort.

Clinical application

Airnergy supports healing in the following conditions:

-High blood pressure
-Asthma, respiratory tract disease
-Muscle spasm and pain
-Blood circulation anomalies
-Skin diseases and allergy


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